davy crockett
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Davy Crockett Saves the World
Publisher: HarperCollins, 2001: Ages 4-9
ISBN: 0-688-16991-0
Genre: Picture book/Tall tale

About the Book

What will happen when the great Davy Crockett comes head to head with Halley's Comet? It's the biggest, baddest ball of fire
and ice ever lit up the heavens! (And why does Davy Crockett wear a coonskin cap anyway?)
This uproarious tall tale is peppered with flavorful exaggerations, flamboyantly regaling readers with a larger-than-life drama played out in pictures bursting with color, humor, action, and detail.

Awards and Reviews

~ALA Booklist's "Books for Youth" Editor's Choice, 2001
~BOOKLIST starred review
~IRA/CBC Children's Choice Award for 2002
~Featured by Daniel Pinkwater on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition, March 2002
~2002 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio-Platinum; Best Books Award
~Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Nominee-2002-03
~Missouri Show Me Readers Award Nominee-2004
~Selected for presentation at the Texas Book Festival, 2001

"Schanzer raids the annals of American history, emerging with a feisty tall tale inspired by the Davy Crockett almanacs published in the 19th century. Schanzer's lickety-split pace and picaresque prose are equal parts swagger and sass, and her vibrant, color drenched paintings extend the spirited tone." ~PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

"In this two-million mile tall tale, famed American frontiersman Davy Crockett is called upon by the president to wring the tail off of Halley's Comet...which is hurling itself towards America. Schanzer has a mighty grip on the folksy language and rhythm of the tall tale. After all, "every single word is true, unless it is false."




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