Rosalyn Schanzer has found many ways to make sure the artwork in her nonfiction books is absolutely accurate. One of her favorite methods is to visit the places she's writing about and take photographs to use as reference for her paintings. For example, when she wrote Gold Fever! she visited every gold rush historical site she could find in California and took over 600 photos of everything from gold nuggets to saloons to scenery.

The two slide shows below are filled with photographs she shot while doing research.  The top show includes pictures taken in the Galapagos Islands and South America, many of which helped her draw the pictures in her brand new book, What Darwin Saw: the Voyage that Changed the World.  When you read this book, see if you can find which paintings of plants and animals also appear in this slide show. 

 The bottom show contains photographs Rosalyn Schanzer took in Tanzania, a beautiful country in Africa.  She hopes to use some of the photos to help draw the pictures in her next book.  Stay tuned!